Cumin: Ayurvedic Benefits and Uses

Cumin is popular in Indian, Mexican and Middle Eastern cuisines. According to Ayurveda, it is balancing for all three doshas. It is supposed to aid digestion and help flush toxins out of the body.

Jan 2023

Your Mother's Day Gift Guide

mother's day gifts
Look at you! Mother's Day is still more than a couple of weeks away and you're already jumping on finding the perfect gift for mom. Three cheers for a great daughter!
Even wit...

Apr 2021

Amenorrhea (Anarthva)

Amenorrhoea is the absence of menstration period in a lady of regenerative age.
Amenorrhea (primary) is the term used to depict the shortfall of a period in young ladies who haven't began discharg...

Apr 2021

Top 7 home remedies for Common cold

[photo1]Common Cold
Common Cold
Cold is the most common illness that affects infants and elderly alike. It may occur during any seasons. Unlike the contrary belief cold weather is not the cause ...

Sep 2011