Valentina Mexican Hot Chile Sauce Spices Picante Salsa Seasoning Salt Spice Mix Made From Chili Peppers Perfect For Chips Fast Foods Lunch Snacks or More 4 Liters ( 1.1 Gallon )



QUALITY MATERIAL: The high quantity pack of Mexican Hot Sauce makes a great choice for restaurants, cafes, or special events, offering exceptional convenience when serving to go fast food. The tight fitting seal keeps your food from leaking out. Whether cooking, finishing or dipping with Valentina Hot chile sauce with spices, you will remarkably embolden virtually all of your recipes, prepared foods, and snacks including veggies, seafood, poultry, meats, and more. Mexican Hot chile sauce with spices is used in everyday cooking from street food and restaurants to homemade cuisine. It is so versatile that the possibilities are endless. If you crave a little spice in your life. Valentina Salsa Picante is a Mexican hot chili sauce with spices that is well known for its citrus and spicy taste. This flavorful condiment has mild heat and is perfect for adding a touch of flavor to almost any dish. It is most commonly used on snacks such as chips and all sorts of recipes, soups and more There are a lot of hot sauces on the market. We discovered Valentina Mexican Hot chili Sauce. It is delicious and hot; without burning you forever. Some sauces are just hot, this one is Spicy. I have been adding it to a whole variety of things that just 'seem right' for kicking things up a notch.


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